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History of Coraluzzo Petroleum Transporters

Samuel Coraluzzo started his business with one tank trailer delivering #6 oil products to the South Jersey area over 60 years ago. His dedication to customers and employees alike helped lay the foundation for the company's success and guiding principles. Through Samuel's passion and perseverance, Coraluzzo Petroleum Transporters grew to be one of the largest, family owned, independent petroleum haulers in the South Jersey area. Today, his legacy continues to motivate and guide his predecessors and the fleet has grown to well over 400 power units and 250 tank trailers.

Our Mission

Hauling petroleum products is our only business. We strive to consistently exceed customer expectations by providing innovative, safe, efficient, dependable and competitive petroleum transportation solutions all the while providing employees with a work environment that will promote professional growth and career satisfaction.

Safety and the Environment

The importance of protecting the environment through promoting safety in every phase of our daily operation is of utmost importance. Our paid safety training program consists of hands on experience with a professional safety trainer. New employees move into their job role only when their safety trainer approves.


Samuel Coraluzzo Co., Inc. and Torrissi Transport operates throughout the East Coast of the United States hauling for major oil companies, jobbers, distributors, and call-on-demand locations. We maintain a full service maintenance department and all trucks have GPS units with live dispatch updates and billing information. After loads are completed, job data is promptly supplied to customers to allow invoicing within 24 hours of delivery.

Truck Fleet and Dispatch

The Coraluzzo and Torrissi fleet is dispersed throughout our East Coast operating service area as mandated by our traffic controllers and customer requirements. The fleet is moved constantly to meet surges in customer needs as they occur. All of our trailers have state-of-the-art loading and unloading systems such as liquid level overfill protection systems and vapor recovery delivery equipment. Our delivery specialists are well trained in the techniques necessary to deliver these types of products safely and efficiently. In addition to having a well-trained work force, we use the most up-to-date call center equipment to ensure a high level of customer support.